Our Values and Standards

Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm is committed to producing the heartiest, highest quality plants and flowers in Minnesota.

Living our values every day means growing exceptional produce with great taste and nutrition. We minimize the use of nonrenewable resources while maximizing our farmland and farm labors sustainably.

“We Grow For You” has been our motto since the day that Sue and Jerry Untiedt founded Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm in 1971.

Our Farm's History

Rooted in doing good

We pride ourselves on being active members of our community, giving back to our neighbors in Minnesota, and supporting our fellow family farmers.

Ways We Give back

Being strong advocates for the local agriculture industry is one of our key values. We encourage our customers to dig deeper in order to learn more about where food comes from and how to be smart consumers.

We also love showing our customers how farming works behind the scenes. Providing opportunities for you to get involved is another of the values we live every day.

What's happening on the farm

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What we believe

  • We believe and respect the need to preserve the land for the future
  • Our support from you, our customer, through your purchases, is your vote of confidence in our products and philosophy
  • Our successes are and will continue to be shared with our community. Whether they are monetary or in-kind, we believe in “Paying it Forward”
  • Our quest for higher quality production by adopting new technology will never ignore land stewardship concepts, which are so dear to us
  • Education is as much of a farm product as the flowers, fruits, and vegetables we produce. We aim to be a positive, contributing force in our industry
  • We share our knowledge of the land with those who possess less understanding of nature and agriculture and lack the opportunity to experience the same