History of Untiedt's


Farmer Jerry and family at the Minneapolis Farmers Market in the late 80s.

In 1971 Sue and Jerry Untiedt founded Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm. Since then, our Minnesota farm has grown and expanded, but we remain a close family business that continues to embrace our founding motto “We Grow For You.”

We are rooted in doing good, and live our values every day.

The farm is located near Waverly, Minnesota along the banks of the North Fork of the Crow River, in rural Wright County. Our original 40 acre farmstead now serves as the home base to a family farm enterprise that serves the Twin Cities area and beyond.


As the farm grew over the years, the family grew too! Four daughters have played an instrumental role in the agricultural and business development of the farm. Daughters married and added two sons-in-law to the farming enterprise. Grandchildren have become the third generation to have an interest in the land and join the family business.

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(From left to right) Son-in-law Paul Nelson, Grandson Trenton Nelson, Daughter Jenna Untiedt, Farmer Jerry Untiedt, Daughter Megan Dallmann, Son-in-law Stuart Dallmann


In addition to the three generations of the Untiedt family, we have added many talented individuals to our team over the years. In reality, we are a small but mighty team.

With a full time, year round staff of just 12 people, everyone is incredibly hands on in running the business. At the peak of harvest season, we employ approximately 200 people depending on the year.

Untiedt's team at our annual staff appreciation lunch

OUR crops

Over the last 50 years, Untiedt’s has evolved a lot to offer a bigger variety of produce and to do it more sustainably. Nourished by the creativity and strong work ethic of our incredibly focused team, we have diversified the crops we grow, and expanded in both size and production from the early years.

In the beginning, we relied on a narrow selection of high-risk crops such as sweet corn, pumpkins, and squash. As the farm has grown, we’ve added a plethora of sustainability practices that help guide all our growing practices and philosophies.


Flowers at a Garden Center


Farmer Jerry in a high tunnel


Edina Southdale Garden Center

Since then, we have diversified even further. We added our flower operation, increased the varieties and types of fruit and vegetable crops we grow, and developed new ways to distribute our produce across the Twin Cities.

From our floral greenhouses, to our vegetable transplant greenhouses, to the rapidly evolving high tunnel environments, our farm continues to prosper with local, responsible, and sustainable flower and food production.

Our crops are grown locally, and delivered directly to you through our unique roadside gazebo stands, garden centers, farmer’s markets, and a select group of retailers located across the Twin Cities. Check out our list of locations here!

What's happening on the farm

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