Giving Back

We pride ourselves on giving back not only to the land, but also to our community. Whether it’s sharing our harvest with local food shelves, or educating the wider community about sustainable farming and eating, we want to help our community grow and thrive.

 We look forward to continuing to work with our community partners in order to serve those in need across the metro area.


500,000 lbs donated to food shelves each year

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OUR MISSION: we grow for you

We don’t just deliver high-quality plants and produce using sustainable farming practices. We support our community by helping to overcome food insecurity and operating our farm to be a better steward for our planet.

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Each year we set out with a goal to grow and provide our customers with nutritious, farm fresh produce, produced as sustainably as possible.

As just a small piece of the bigger puzzle of food production, it’s our hope that we can provide knowledge, education, and hopefully a connection to the land on which the food was grown on, all while making an impact in the communities in which we serve.

“I believe that when you have all these blessings bestowed on you, that there has to be some payback. You’ve got to help people that need help.”

- Jerry Untiedt



Harvest from the Heart

Harvest from the Heart serves vulnerable communities in south Minneapolis. Culturally significant produce is important for new immigrants who bring their beautiful cultural preferences with them.

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The Humanity Alliance

Using our fresh produce, The Humanity Alliance prepares nutritious meals for families and individuals in nine counties in east Central Minnesota, including the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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“Our community has benefited from being able to increase many family’s food security for the month. It has grown the community beyond actual food, people begin having conversations at pick-up and on social media about how to prepare the produce.”

- Wright County Community Action

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Wright County Community Action

Wright County Community Action distributes our fresh produce to local food shelves and other nonprofits in Wright County.

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we care for the land so it is bountiful for generations to come

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