November 21, 2023


November ushers in a new season at the farm. A season that is a bit more relaxed than our last 9 months. Granted, there is still work to be done as some field work remains, and the list of winter projects seems endless, but the pace is a bit more relaxed. The daily hustle and bustle of the farm has faded. Our seasonal staff has returned home for the winter months, leaving the farm much quieter than even just a month ago.

This new season gives us time as a team to reflect on the past year.

  • What worked well?
  • Where and what were the challenges?
  • And most importantly, how can we do things better next year?
It’s the time of year where everything is on the table as we make plans for the next. While the 2023 season was a challenging one for sure, we are reminded of so many things we have to be thankful for this year.
The Untiedt's team at our annual staff appreciation party

Our Staff: We could not do what we do without our entire team. This ranges from everyone at the farm who works in the fields, packs in the warehouse, delivers the produce to all of our employees who work at our retail Garden Centers, Vegetable Stands, and Farmer’s Market locations.

This farm would not function without the dedication from each and every person involved, and dedicated they all are. For that, we are truly grateful.

Our Customers: You! Thank you for your continued support. It’s one of our favorite things to hear stories from our retail employees about the connections they make with all of you.

From those of you that shop with us from May through October, to those of you who stop in a couple of times a season, we thank you all for allowing us to grow for you!

Untiedt's retail partners

Our Retail Partners: To our retail partners who purchase produce from us throughout the entire growing season, we appreciate you.

While we aren’t able to have physical locations throughout the entire metropolitan area, our retail partners help get fresh, locally grown, high quality Untiedt’s produce to more people.

Our Food Partners: It’s always been important for Untiedt’s to ensure that we give back to those less fortunate, and one way in which our company has chosen to do this is through partnering with local community partners like Wright County Community Action, The Humanity Alliance, and Harvest from the Heart to distribute fresh and local produce to those in need.
Fresh produce at Church of the Incarnation

So, as we head into the week of Thanksgiving, we thank you for putting your trust in us to provide you with the highest quality bedding plants, fruits, and vegetables in Minnesota.

Thankful for all of you,

Farmer Jerry