October 26, 2023

Last week we were blessed with a string of beautiful weather, which is so valuable to us at this time of year as we work to put the farm to sleep for the winter months. While I have been talking about the cleanup for the past month, we are getting closer and closer to wrapping up for the season.

Most of the high tunnels have had all the plants removed, plastic coverings taken off and stored for next season, and the ground has been worked. A few tunnels remain in production due to the warm weather we have been experiencing.

We continue to harvest a few crops like tomatoes and chub cucumbers. The tunnels have kept those crops protected up until this point as we haven’t received a hard frost, but it looks like that will be changing this coming weekend as the weather turns. The temperatures predicted for this weekend look like they will officially end the 2023 growing season, but what a run it was!

Soybeans have been combined, we are beginning to work on field corn, and the rye has been planted so we are able to harvest straw next spring. These are all signs that the end of the season is near.

Basket of Haralson apples

Over the next week, we will work to sell the remaining pumpkins, squash, and apples that have been harvested.

While we will continue to deliver squash and apples to our retail partners into November, the hustle and bustle that we are used to is gone and the days become a bit more relaxed.

As we wrap another season, it is time for many of our seasonal workers to return home to their families.

Most of them will leave by the end of next week, while a few will stick around until mid-November to help with the final cleanup and some small projects around the farm.

field workers

We are extremely grateful for these individuals that come and work with us each season. Many of them who have been with us for 10+ years are like family. We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing team both on the farm and at our retail locations.

painted pumpkins

Just a reminder that we are in our final days at our retail locations. Make sure to stop in for that Jack-O-Lantern, stock up on squash and apples, and grab those jarred items like honey and syrup

Thank you all for a wonderful season!

Farmer Jerry