July 13, 2023

It’s almost here, the time you have been waiting for … homegrown sweet corn season! While some of you may have been able to snag some of the first homegrown corn of the season at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, the rest of you will finally be able to get it at all of our Garden Centers and Vegetable Stands starting tomorrow, Friday, July 14th!

"Farmer Jerry" Untiedt

Our first planting is always small, but we are slowly moving into the larger plantings, meaning it will all be available for you soon. A true summertime favorite.

Minnesota-grown Sweet Corn

Not only are we beginning the sweet corn harvest, but our tomato production has ramped up as well. For a while I wasn’t sure the tomatoes were ever going to start turning red, but the time has come and our tomato production is in full swing. Red, ripe, juicy tomatoes served alongside some fresh homegrown sweet corn, does a summer meal get any better than that?

Work on the farm is never in short supply at this time of season. Our daily to-do lists continue to expand as more and more crops are ready for harvest.

Within the next few days, we will be adding eggplant, peppers, onions, and maybe even some cantaloupe to that list. Look for these at our stands soon.

working in the fields

Not only are we harvesting crops daily, but we are continuously working on irrigation systems to keep the crops watered. With little to no rain over the past month, warm temperatures, and no big chances for rain in sight, we must do everything we can do keep these systems working for us. A challenge we sometimes do not feel like we are winning.

Last weekend though, we finally finished installing a new system at one of our orchards. A long process to get it up and running, but one that will now free up about 130 manhours a week that we used to spend watering the trees by hand.

greenhouse workers and tomato plants

Even with the drought and challenges brought on by the excessive heat we have experienced so far this summer, we keep moving forward. All of our crews take great pride in their work, and everyone is filled with excitement as they see the crops progressing this growing season.

It’s hard believe we are already in the middle of July, but that just means that some of the best locally grown produce is yet to come.

Thanks for your continued support!

Farmer Jerry & crew