Cooking the Box: Week 17

  Welcome to week 17, the final week of the season. Boxes are definitely full and quite heavy today, so be prepared as you go to pick up your share. This final share is full of items that can be used right away or stored for use over the next few weeks, so don’t feel […]

Cooking the Box: Week 16

  While the calendar says October, it still feels like summer outside, so we did our best to have your shares represent that this week. A bizarre fall for sure, but one that we will hold onto just a bit longer….because if we hold onto this weather it means less time with cold and snow, […]

Cooking the Box: Week 15

  Wasn’t it just the beginning of September yesterday? I’m not quite sure how we are in the final week of September already, but here we are. I feel that time goes faster each year and I’m not really a fan of that. While it hasn’t really felt like fall lately because it’s been so […]

Cooking the Box: Week 14

  Is it summer? Is it fall? I’m a bit confused looking at the forecast, but I can tell you that I am definitely a fan of these cool mornings. Even with mid 80s projected this week, I know that those temps only occur for a few hours, making them bearable as I’m ready for […]

Cooking the Box: Week 13

  It finally feels like fall outside, maybe my favorite time of year. I always say that and then pause because it needs an explanation. The season, the weather, and the food that comes along with cooler weather, those are all my favorite things. Pumpkins…..just not my jam. So many people are surprised when I […]

Cooking the Box: Week 12

  It felt a little bit more like the 4th of July yesterday than Labor Day! Summer holidays aren’t really a thing around the farm as the work goes on, but the one thing that separated the 4th of July from Labor Day weekend was the constant talk of pumpkins in the office. While the […]

Cooking the Box: Week 11

  Woah, week 11 is here and we are heading into Labor Day weekend. Where has the summer gone? While the days are long, the weeks have truly flown by this summer. I feel like we just started the vegetable season and now I am looking at the first load of pumpkins in our parking […]

Cooking the Box: Week 10

  It’s week 10 and we are beginning to see a convergence of the seasons not only on the farm, but in the shares as well. Squash in August? I guess so! Our warehouse is a funny site to see right now with tomatoes and watermelon on one end of the building, winter squash on […]

Cooking the Box: Week 9

  It’s 4:45am as I sit down and write this post today. I’ve already been in the shed helping to pack shares, fixed some order issues, put the finishing touches on the CSA newsletter that goes out shortly, and even responded to some emails. While getting up at 2am isn’t glorious, I get so much […]

Cooking the Box: Week 8

  Here we are, week 8 of 17 and you all are going to have HEAVY boxes today. When I met with Jerry and Paul to discuss the shares for this week they asked me to include cantaloupe AND cauliflower. They knew they would get an instant eye roll from me as it is really […]

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