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Do you want to learn more about where your food comes from and how to turn farm-fresh produce into delicious meals?

We take pride in our sustainable agriculture process and products and we are excited to share it all with you as education is essential to growth. We encourage you to learn more about our produce, our farm, and our work.



Hungry to find out more about the agriculture industry and all our various crops?
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You have all this fresh produce...now what? Give our favorite tried and true recipes a try.
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Growing Practices

The best way to learn about where your food comes from is to learn how we care for the land while we grow produce.
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We ensure a sustainable future for farming by keeping up with, and contributing to, best practices.
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Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm

Sustainably growing the highest quality fruits & vegetables in Minnesota. At farmers markets across the Twin Cities during growing season.

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Get to know the Untiedt Family

From left to right: Paul Nelson (son in-law), Trenton Nelson (grandson), Jenna Untiedt (daughter), Jerry Untiedt (owner, founder), Megan Dallmann (daughter), Stuart Dallmann (son in-law)

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